Addtional Services

Collection of Sidelines and Seasonal Services


Garden Products

We can custom design and build a range of garden products.

In the picture we have a 2m tall, 1m wide and 2m long Arbour.


Tree removals

Felling or aerial removals. Fully qualified with all the correct ppe and equipment.


Hard Landscaping

We have experience using machinery to completely change the landscape. Coupled with the fencing and tree work it keeps everything in house.

Testimonials available upon request


Chainsaw Milling

Sometimes when removing trees there is the occasional one that has the potential to be more than just firewood.

This process; although time consuming and laborious can produce stunning one off products. Ever wanted a one of a kind table?


Commercial Leaf Collection

We currently maintain private roads and large estates.

Large specialist equipment. 

All wastes removed.